Article - Heart Chakra Crystals

Heart Chakra Crystals
By Robin


When Heaven and Earth come together for compassionate unconditional love of ourselves and others; when seemingly insurmountable emotions fill our heart; we’ll want mighty gemstone energies. What could possibly match?! Emerald, Jade, Rose Quartz, and Green Aura first come to mind. In the center of the breastbone, midway between breasts is our heart chakra. This fourth chakra, the Heart Energy Center is about our feelings. Consider these emotions of love and hate, tranquility and fear, embrace and release, acceptance and abandon, forgiveness and despondency, peace and sorrow. Matching frequencies of green or pink gemstones reach and balance our feelings. Green for health, abundance, harmony and peace. Yellow (the Solar Plexus Energy Center in last month’s article) and Blue (next month’s article with the Throat Energy Center) create green.

Once the lower energy centers are balanced or full of vibrational energy, integration can start towards more spiritual enlightenment. The heart chakra is where you begin to connect with deeper, more divine interconnectedness and altruism. Pink is about purity, kindness, hope and romance. Pink blends from the root chakra, red, (the first energy center from July, 2017) with white, the crown and seventh energy color. Rhodonite, Phosphosiderite, Red Aventurine and Pink Calcite are more pink gemstones we showcase aligning frequencies for our feelings. Garnet and Fluorite might be best for overall heart balancing since they share some of both pink and green frequencies to some degrees for a strong heart. In the physical sense, this center vibrates with cardiac- heart, lungs, circulatory blood systems. Stabilizing emotions and unblocking forgiveness lead to community consciousness and unconditional love. There are so many interesting points to learn, especially with this energy and the reasons to have pink or green gemstones to balance, polish and cleanse for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Malachite and Aventurine are two more gemstones good for the heart. Stop in our shop or scroll over our webstore and check if there’s a gemstone that vibes with you for yourself or a gift. Enjoy October and Hallow’s Eve!