Article - It Is A New Year - 2017

It Is A New Year 2017

It is a new year, a time of new beginnings, setting goals, and moving forward. Now is the perfect time to learn something new. We have a number of classes that will be sure to teach you more about yourself and the universe around you. Have you always wondered what a dream, so vivid and strange, was trying to tell you? Our dream interpretation class may interest you. Would you like to experience the shared hyper field that happens as a result of a group meditation? Join Lee Ann for a guided group meditation. Curious about the tarot cards and how you can use them to understand what you/ others are going through and how it will help you/them grow spiritually? We have different levels of Tarot class to advance the level of knowledge you have, whether you are a novice or have taken the intro class and are looking for more.

Are you looking for the perfect way to give yourself a boost emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually? Try a tuning fork session to get yourself balanced and ready for growth. Using the sound technology of tuning forks, you can open up your chakras and clear blockages in order to achieve and/or maintain optimum health in a gentle, natural way.

Below is a little more information for the classes coming up in January.

Dream Interpretation

Longtime dream interpreter and instructor, Robert Wallis, is teaching a 4 week Dream Interpretation class that will introduce common dream symbols and explain how to use this information to interpret your dreams and the dreams of others. The price for this class is $90 or $80 cash discount. If you preregister, we will honor a $70 cash discount.


Lee Ann uses different relaxation techniques, dimmed lighting, and soft music, and her soothing voice to help you achieve a meditative state. This meditation is performed in a group setting which will work collectively to enhance the experience of the individuals involved. The price for this class is $20 or $10 cash discount.

Introduction to Tarot

Introduction to Tarot class will cover all the cards in the deck and lead practice sessions to acclimate the individuals with Tarot readings. Mark will instruct the class on how to use the Tarot as a tool for personal awareness and growth. The price for this class is $160 or $150 cash discount. If you preregister, Lee Ann will honor $140 cash discount.

Intermediate/Advanced Tarot

This class is available to expand on the knowledge taught in Introduction to Tarot. This 7 week class will be taught by Lee Ann Cornell. She is the co-founder of Pyramid of Enlightenment and has been teaching for over forty years. In this class, she will review the basics that are taught in Introduction to Tarot and introduce you to new concepts to advance you to the next level. This class will teach you how to use the cards for personal development and growth, card lay-outs and hands-on practice. The price for this class is the same as the first, $160 or $150 cash discount. If you preregister, Lee Ann will honor $140 cash discount.

Reiki I - Self Healing

The First Degree attunements are focused mainly on opening up the physical body so that it can then accept (channel) greater quantities of the Universal Life Force Energy. The four attunements of this degree raise the vibratory rate of the seven energy centers, chakras, of the upper part of the body. The price for this class is $90 or $75 cash discount.

Reiki II – The Practitioner

The Second Degree attunement process provides a "quantum leap" in vibratory level and is at least four times greater than First Degree. The symbols that are taught in this degree for absentee healings become activated at this point. In addition, we often find that intuitive abilities are heightened. The price for this class is $90 or $75 cash discount.

Reiki III – The Master

The Third Degree attunement is used to initiate a Master. A Reiki Master is simply someone who has chosen to accept greater responsibility for their life by acknowledging that he/she is indeed Master of his/her own destiny. Master means "Teacher", someone who has made a commitment to help others empower themselves. By accepting this responsibility, the Reiki Master is empowered to use specific "ancient Tibetan technology" in the process. The price for this class is $180 or $150 cash discount.