Article - Yellow Gemstones Solar Plexus Energy Center

Yellow Gemstones
Solar Plexus Energy Center
By Robin


Gemstones come in many beautiful colors, which mean vibrations or frequencies. A good way to use gemstones is with correlating them to your chakras (energy centers). Yellow addresses the solar plexus. This energy center is about enduring through life’s challenging situations; standing strong in your conviction, even when others may disagree or using sheer will-power to trudge through something, even when you think you can’t. Calling from deep down inside for benevolence when it’s opportunistic not to involve yourself, but to endure hardship by sticking it out is a way we rely on this chakra. Gemstones that can assist are yellow jasper, pyrite, peach moonstone, sunshine aura and citrine. This energy center is what I call, “the pit of my stomach”. It’s located just above the navel in the abdominal area.

Yellow or gold gemstones enhance this third chakra by tempering the fiery, passionate energy of the second chakra with determination, will and/or a sense of loyalty. Patience may be needed or courage to go first, even public speaking is an example of a good time to pick up this gemstone.