Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra
By Robin Fivecoat


With the hustle and bustle of to and fro, it’s a perfect time to talk about the third eye energy center! Last month’s chatty throat chakra became more balanced by Thanksgiving Day. I’m thankful for that too! Haha! Migraines, sleeplessness or bad dreams from the excitement of preparations this holiday season can be aided by a balanced brow chakra. Regulating sleep, blood pressure, fighting sinus infections and poor vision are helped with this sixth energy center.

Aptly named, the third eye is about our ability to visualize. Visualizing what we want and how we plan on getting it. Our ability to let go of the past with no fear of what the future holds is a key, our ego that fades away, so to perceive other’s points of view. It goes beyond our five senses and connects us with a more subtle focus.

We gain insight into the psychic senses with which we were all born. Located below the forehead, it’s actually between our eyebrows. Thanks to the prior five articles for preparing us to engage intuition and clarity to find our way. When we have difficulty making decisions, exaggerated imaginations or fanciful illusions, we can recognize a blockage here. Gemstone energy will align with our insightful awareness to enhance all we can foresee. Indigo, a bluish-purple, is connected with our third eye energy. The frequencies are to enlighten and balance, so even snow obsidian, labradorite, clear quartz and moldavite attune well. amethyst, purple aura, sugalite and tanzanite are true hues. Focus or meditate with any of these a few minutes daily and we’ll enjoy all the festivities while conjuring 2018 resolutions. December 21st starts Winter, so I’ll leave you singing these suitable lyrics, “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a Winter Wonderland.”