Article - Blue Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra
By Robin Fivecoat


Ah expressions! We can talk, listen, write, sing, paint, dance, laugh and cry with our expressions. We tell our true soul-self with expressions thanks to this fifth energy center. It allows or blocks us from showing our original self. Hearing our inner voice, speaking our inner truth and sensing. Clairaudience is associated with this area. Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear intuitive information.

Located between our head and body, our head and heart, in the middle of our neck dealing with our ears, nose, throat, and dreams we create a deeper meaning of life with this Throat chakra. Blue, whether vibrant, deep or soft is the color that relates to this chakra. Lapis lazuli, sodalite, angelite, kyanite, blue calcite, moonstone and celestite fly out of my mouth immediately as these gemstones attune to our fifth center.

Sore throats, hoarseness, sinus headaches, neck pains, earaches, dental issues, laryngitis and runny noses are physical issues that these gemstones can aid. Colder temperatures and this month’s chakra article seem to happen together at just the right time! Emotions from grief, conflict, fear of being judged, creative blocks, stubbornness, inability to express thoughts, detachment, social anxiety, shyness and insecurities or inadequacies are attributed to this energy center when blocked or weak. Attitude can manifest as domineering, misdirecting, arrogant, avoiding social situations, or stoic. On the spiritual realm, gemstone vibrations help clear, balance and purify our throat chakra so we can hear our inner truth and guides, angels and spirits of loved ones.

From the earlier four energy centers cleared and balanced we can now truly find our authenticity with the fifth chakra. Aqua aura, blue goldstone, blue howlite, cobalt aura, and iolite are sound frequencies for our expressive health. Creativity, effective and truthful communication, responsibility and talents come forth from within each of us. With the holiday season approaching for parties, decorative invitations, and festive food to share, we’ll feel more aligned with our genuine expression of thankfulness. Happy Thanksgiving to us all!