Articles - Working with Angels and their contribution to history

Working With Angels

Angels have reached a new peak of popularity in the awareness of the general community these days. Stories of their intervention during times of crisis, the guidance they offer to those who desire an attunement and their simple companionship for those who travel a solitary path of self-awareness, are especially inspiring.

This is a time of great spiritual evolvement. A tremendous awakening is taking place and an increasing number of individuals are coming in touch with their angels. As the vibrations of those upon this planet continue to accelerate, contact with the angels will continue to increase. Contact may come through prayer, meditation, heartfelt love, compassion for others and a desire to selflessly serve humanity. It is time to evolve beyond ourselves and develop more universal concepts. As love radiates in the heart it is reflected in the aura.


What starts out as a glimmer of light can grow into a beacon. Angels and guides work through and are drawn to the light. According to some of the books about Angels that have recently been published, there are many kinds of Angels. They are assigned many types of duties -- sort of like a spiritual civil service crew. The indisputable truth about Angels, however, is that they are there, for everyone, under every circumstance, caring and encouraging, whether the person is aware of it or not. In times of crisis, the veil of perception that separates an individual from their Angel helpers thins -- pure need punctures the weave, and suddenly their presence is felt, perhaps even seen. It is possible (and oh, how our Angels hope for this) for people to be in contact with when for they are the messengers of God.


Angels help us make contact with our higher consciousness and evolve spiritually. These celestial beings protect us; bring forth healing energies, inspirations and solutions to daily problems. Angels do not control our lives, they merely light the way for us to follow. Each of us has been granted free will to make our own choices and there are certain things we must learn for ourselves.

Some people will sense the presence of angels and others will actually see them. Angels communicate with us telepathically, so that little voice in the back of your mind that tells you to do or not to do something just might be your angel. Angels bring forth vision through your third eye and serenade you on the celestial plane. It is comforting to know that each one of us is blessed with the love of our angels.


Recognizing your Angel's voice is easy after the initial confusion that arises (is it really an Angel, or just my imagination?) has passed. Of course, at first, you may very well be using your imagination, because your imagination is the portal of creative inspiration, the conduit by which your Angel may most easily reach you. That doesn't mean it isn't real -- as you practice listening, you will come to know the difference between your Angel's manner of speaking and your own.

If something does not ring true within your heart then put it up in prayer and ask for clarification. If you are sincere, God will know your true intent and your heart will lead the way so that you may be in touch with these magnificent beings. The Keys to opening up the channel of communication with the angels are Faith, Purity of heart, Praise, Prayer and invocation of the divine.